CHAKAK Door Lock

Generate One-Time Passcode for your Guest

"Upgrade Your Door Lock to be Smart"


We successfully finished crowdfunding campaign in Korea. Please watch the demo movie.

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Easy Install

You can install within 3 seconds without any tools.It can be used to the most of digital door lock type.

No More Password

You do not have to remember the passcode. In addition, when you are carrying a something, you do not have to put it down to enter the passcode.

Hidden Camera?

Release your anxiery someone else might see your passcode as you type it by a hidden camera.

Auto Unlock

When you approach your door, your smart phone automatically connect CHAKAK door lock and unlock your door lock.

One-time Password

Let them access your house by the one-time passcode from anywhere.(patent pending)

Customize Design

We provide a customized front pannel to fit your design style


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