You can Build Your Own Application to Control the Lock

Embed CHAKAK SDK. in Your App or Server

You can build your own application to control CHAKAK Door Lock with our CHAKAK SDK(Software Development Kit). We provide our module with various platforms, such as iOS, Android and Windows.

It is a standalone SDK, so you do not need to connect any server to use our SDK. Our easy to use SDK. help application developers build their own application.

Supporting Various Platforms

If you have existing application with various platforms, we also provide for all of them. For now, our SDK. can support those following platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Linux (for server)

It is your own decision to use the SDK in your application or your application server side. If you request other platform, please let us know.

Key Features

There are three main features in our SDK.

  • Key Generation
  • Authentication (with key and OTP)
  • One-Time Passcode Generation

You can generation one-time passcode from anywhere and anytime. You do not have to sync time server to authenticate the one-time passcode. If you request, we also provide n-times passcode. With the SDK, you can authenticate CHAKAK door lock with key or OTP (patent pending).

Need More Information?

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